With this website freshly launched, the next service that we will start within the coming weeks is the Digital Literary Annotation mailing list. The list will serve as an easy way to connect scholars by providing a two-way info line: subscribers can post to the pool address through email and have their information shared with the other participants in an instant. Hopefully, this digital bulletin-board will help to connect the research and edition projects out there.

As a digest we will send out an additional newsletter every two months to round-up the list’s activites and osts. It should also include other, additional news items like links to articles, journals or CfPs dealing with literary annotation in the digital space. If you are interested in helping to curate this newsletter, please send an email to timo.stoesser@uni-tuebingen.de.

The newsletter’s archives will become part of this site. Please be aware that the newslist will be moderated to avoid abuse!

In a next step the list will be integrated in this website. In the meantime, you can sign up for the mailing list here.