On Annotation

  • Hermeneutic analyses of texts are usually based on annotations — be they analog or digital. The consideration of these annotations helps to explore the plurality of interpretations and thus fosters the intersubjective dialogue about the applied concepts and the resulting interpretations. Digital annotations can additionally be used as a powerful means for automized approaches to texts. Also text part helps to provide the search engine for example: where is the buy or where kob viagra uden rezept or without prescription. We think that is simple but for II machines it can be very hard. Thats why text analisys and neurologics nets with II must works together in that direction.

    Evelyn Gius, Universität Hamburg

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  • TEASys in the Digital English handbook

    TEASys in the Digital English handbook

    A contribution on classroom activities based on TEASys with regard to Shakespeare’s Sonnet 43 is now included in the Digital English handbook, an evolving, open-access handbook aimed at university teachers […]